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Four Hands Spa
Four Hands Spa

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Description: Age: 27

Height: 168

Weight: 65
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Definitely top.. mascular
19.09.2014 18:34  
good masseurs

Feel relax during massage time because no ask for extract services always,can fully enjoy it。of course Ben have good massage skill
05.10.2014 20:28  
great time

I just tried Ben today. His massage skills are remarkable! His don't talk much (plus point), u don't get interrupted while u enjoying an awesome massage by him. The session needed with a good b2b, bj/hj. Overall, the best! ;)
21.10.2014 16:09  
Looks hot

Would love to see more review on Ben. I'm going to try him the next time I visit BB Boys. Is he local? Would be a plus point if he is :D
12.11.2014 23:07  
Relax Singh
Best Massage Skills...yet...

Ben is excellent with his massage skills. You will feel fully relaxed with his amazing hands running all over your tired body and he will rub them all away.... will go back for more and more and more and more and more........
12.11.2014 23:43  
Rough & Tough

Had Ben service two days ago.... Well, I hv to say Ben is really concentrated when he is performing his massage which is good. However, his skill is still rough n to an extend he doesn't know how to control his strength. Hahaha.... I did ask for extra service n he fxxk rough n hard!!!! I cum when he ****ed me hard. and He also cum all over my face.... Hahaha.... Of coz the extra part u hv to pay for it.

Well, if u enjoy rough type, Ben would be ur choice :)
03.12.2014 15:27  
Reply to Hank

Hello Hank
Yes, I requested him to do so.....
Well, as i mentioned if u enjoy hard n rough stuff u would love it!!!!
Enjoy ur session with him and share us ur experience soon!
05.12.2014 14:28  
Ben is from which country?

Interested in him....
11.01.2015 07:03  
Kilt Lover
Ben is recommended

I chose Ben today for my massage. Yes indeed his skill was beyond my expectation and I was satisfied with him. Very quiet person but acceptable. I was bit shy when he was so quiet but that was not the issue. He did wank my willy and never asked for a tip though. Physical not very fit but if you are looking a damn straight gay he is the one. I will choose him again if I have a muscle pain and need for massage as his skill meets my expectation. I went home fresh and happy. Thank you Ben!!
25.01.2015 19:43  
Is Ben Chi or Mal or Ind or Mix?

Hi, I am planning to try Ben's massage. However, I wish to know whether he is mixed or Chi or Mal or Ind? Can anyone let me know please? :) Tks.
01.02.2015 20:06  
Reply to Jefferey

Hello Jeff
Ben is nor Chi, Mal, Ind and he is from Myanmar.
02.02.2015 13:11  
He is good looking

Is he still working at BB ? hope to find him for massage
26.03.2015 11:27  

He **** me without asking me today... He cum on my ass****.... He like me... Coz me cute... Hahaha... I think... I'm not cute... Maybe...he taste to me... Ben always want kiss...
10.04.2015 17:38  
Nice top

He was definitely a top, he kept ****ing my crotch and unfortunately, I was not up to bottom for him tho. He was cute nonetheless. Not bad.
27.04.2015 17:02  
Extra service

How much do "extra services" usually cost? How much for a bj / hj? and how much for the "full" extra service?
29.04.2015 19:07  
Ben is professional massage therapist

Yesterday I was massaged by Ben. He does a strong massage using hands, knees, elbows, and his feet. He moves fast so he does more massaging. Bending me like in thai style. I felt my muscle move and my bones move. I think he was very good. No sensual until you turn over and then he does some massaging and starts with body to body on my groin area. He works very hard and makes you feel sexy towards end. he make me hug him while body to body but I was too excited and cum earlY sadly. I wonder what more he will do. Next time. he does not talk but works works works.
01.05.2015 11:08  
Ben fan
Always my choice

I miss Ben. Tried to book him few time but unavail n tot he left. His hard massage leaves u desire more n his extra service superb. His hard rough f*** is heavenly and he sweat while he f*** me n drip plus cum on my body. He is very polite n quiet but extra servis time is hot. I miss him
01.05.2015 21:31  
Good Massage

Tried him a few days ago, he massage almost every inch of my body from top to toe, his massage was very skillful that truly relax me. B2B was just normal not too exciting, but I will come back to Ben again, for his superb massage.
06.05.2015 20:33  
like man to man
ben the best masseur so far

Im first timer to try his massage..his the best masseur so far I met in my w**** need to go to thailand or indonesia..bens the u.
14.05.2015 18:08  
Thumbs up

He is exactly what as described - quiet, strong, masculine but sweet. Give him a try. You won't regret.
02.06.2015 13:03  

Just experienced his massage today. Definitely one of the best massages that I ever had. He knows when to be gentle and when to use strength. Would highly recommend him !
09.06.2015 16:50  
Ben fan
Ben nipple

Ben's hard massage unforgetable and his big pointy nipple hard to resist. I noticed admin never changed his profile pic. Guess admin shld update Ben pic showing his body... I m leaking think of him...
05.07.2015 23:56  
First timer
Relaxing massage with a happy ending

First time at BB Boy and picked Ben based on good reviews. True to the other reviews he is quiet and cool, but very skilled in giving a good massage. I felt totally relaxed as he worked his way slowly from feet, back and shoulders. A 2hour session is just nice and not so hurried, especially if you are a big size person like me.
Ben does look a bit tired today. But that does not limit his professionalism in giving a good sensual front B2B massage. I enjoyed this second session a lot. We had hugs, light moaning and both of us finished with a nice happy ending. As we dressed up, he didn't ask for tips and I gave him a generous tip for job well done.
16.07.2015 21:37  
Wondering What To Do In @hours Massage ?

Please tel Us ????
19.07.2015 14:25  
Ben Ten
Reply to Guest

Definitely, massage what else u think.... Hahaha... Apala
19.07.2015 22:02  
Still Wonder In 2 hours ??

Please give Us some hints !
22.07.2015 16:35  
Betul lah 1

support U 100%
28.07.2015 18:50  
Zecky Micheal Simon
2 Thumbs up

Last week was the first time i visited BBBoy and on the first impression when i entered the place, i ws blown off with that sensational pleasure aroma of lemon grass that makes a tingling feeling of something exciting happens later. I was then approached by the receptionist, handsome and very friendly welcome. I did not choose any guys and was given to me Ben. A Vietnamese good looking and strong built body. I am much excited then. During the entire process of massage, I was give a massage that i do really need after a hard days work. Ben is awesome in his massage. The best so far compared to other outlet that i have been. I feel 100% satisfied and would come again to your place.
My rating will be 8 out of 10 for Ben and your place 9 out of 10.
Congratulations. I will definitely recommend your place and Ben to my other friend.
Looking forward to be there soon.
22.08.2015 17:33  

True what everyone said about him being quiet, because he doesn't speak English that much. Massage was quite nice, but I had a difficult time telling him which part to go soft and which to go hard. No b2b. Had around 15 mins of massage, and he started placing my hand on his cock and then the rest is history. Session finished in 50 mins, including shower. Definitely will try other guy upon coming back to BB boy.
01.10.2015 19:55  
hot Ben

Had Ben yesterday night.He is a damn hot manly top. F..k me almost 2 hours.
15.10.2015 23:00  
Cute-cute guy
I love you!

He **** rough, I love him!
I ask him cum inside me.
I bleeding after that...
28.10.2015 09:36  

G O O D F U C K E R ! ! !
11.11.2015 12:47  
Only one

He is best of THE BEST!!!
29.11.2015 23:39  
worthy massage

I had Ben yesterday and he did not disappoint..his massage skill was really good and worth all the money spent..yes he is quiet and good looking..b2b was average to me..I may find him again for a good fulfilling massage..
05.12.2015 10:19  
Good strong massage

Just has a session with Ben, 1 hour. Michael wasn't available. Ok so yes what you read from all the comments are true, he's really serious, veru quiet, very reserved, doesn't really smile all that much....but guess that's just his personality. But one thing, he has really good massage skills. Its very strong, firm pressure, for those who like very soft massage....well then he isn't for you...haha....

Looks wise, average, his body....he's not slim, fit or muscular.....just average. To be honest I prefer my guys who are buff and fit. But luckily his massage skills were very good.

I would recommend him purely for his massage skills.
26.12.2015 14:34  
good masseur

Hi, Ben. l am satisfied with your massage. Good job,felt happy and relax, thanks so much.
31.12.2015 15:33  
Good massage and service

I finally able to try ben! He has good massage skill which is to my liking. good pressure and bone cracking :D. Definitely my favorite when i comes to massage. Thought the massage lacks sensual feeling Happy ending is still gooood and i love his massage more than having sensual. After the massage, he played with my nipples, kissed, ****ed and ****ed me. I came while he is ****ing me :D i like his looks now. Better than the pic :)
01.03.2016 14:10  

I've tried almost all masseurs in BB Boy. Seriously, Ben is the best I've ever had.
07.03.2016 18:39  

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